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If your searching for one of those inept government or non-profit agencies that have allot of information but no solution, then your in the wrong place.

Tenants Union is a Full Service Consumer Protection Program launched in association with Consumer Protection Network.

CPN and their associate agencies have been assisting consumers and exposing fraud for over a quarter of a century in the United States of America and we are proud to have them by our side as we move forward to educate renters nationwide.

The goal of the program is to provide Members with "Peace of Mind" and the ability to go about your everyday routine without having to endure the undue stress associated with the Gross Negligence of Incompetent Morons in the Rental Real estate Industry.


NO MERCYThe New Tenants Union Program Will Provide You:

  • The ability to Just Say: No to Slumlords.
  • The ability to Just Say: No to Property Mis-Management.
  • The ability to Just Say: No to Incompetent Maintenance Staff.


A Myriad of Resources To Help You Fight Back:

  • Access to the Laws that Govern the Industry in Your State.
  • Access to Local Venues to Ensure Your Rights are Protected.
  • Access to the Appropriate Legal Forms to Enforce Your Legal Rights.
  • Access to our Tenants Union Staff to Guide You Through The Process.
  • Access to a Legal Professionals to Guide You Through The Process.
  • Access to a Professional Mediator to Get You the Settlement You Deserve.
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Nevada Opens to Assist Renters

Nevada StateNevada State section is now open to provide public assistance to Real Estate related renters throughout the State.

Thousands of US Jobs

The success of Tenants Union greatly relies on what we refer to as our "On-Site Auditor Program".

The program is a joint co-operative between Tenants Union of America and Consumer Protection Network.

The goal is to incorporate talented and mulitifaceted individuals that already live and rent in the vary communities needing assistance.

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